For my fellow students

My Engineering Classroom

In my four years in college, I have discovered two essential keys in winning those high marks that we’ve all wanted! These essential things are appreciation and courage! And this will the my first ever blog post’s content!

APPRECIATION — In my freshman year, my way of thinking was “Listening to my professor carefully and taking notes are the things I need to pass all my subjects!”, but I was wrong. I thought that memorizing every detail that my teacher utters in class and simplifying his or her lecture slides into my notes will be enough to pass. I kept using this thinking up until recent and because of that, I struggled. It was only when I realized to appreciate my subjects and lessons that I managed my studies better! I am telling you, there is no more enjoyful way to study other than appreciating your class lessons!

Once you have realised the importance of your subjects and  accepted your lessons to be in some way amazing and interesting, it will be so much easier for you to understand those theories in science, stress-strain relationship in engineering science and even those literature analysis in philosopy!

COURAGE — Your professors and instructors are your best source of knowledge and understanding especially at times that you are having a difficult time in your lessons. It will take a lot of courage to accept that you have encountered hurdles in your studies and it will take a lot more courage to ask someone like your teacher to ask for help. There should be no shame in doing so and at the very least you should be proud of yourself! You have done yourself a favor by saving your time and energy if you really did not understand the lectures in your class. For that, give yourself a pat on the back. I am very proud of you!

I hope you have taken my advice and I am wishing all good things to your studies! 😄


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