A trip to the Holy Stations of the Cross

For 3 consectutive years, my family visits 7 different churches in the Lenten Season. It is called Visita Iglesia. Here are photos of the churches we visited this year!

P.S. Sorry for the lack of skill in taking pictures!


St. John the Baptist Parish at Tiaong, Quezon


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My Media Memoir

The Media and It’s Powers

Media, in my twenty years of existence, developed it’s meaning to me as a platform which enables us to communicate with other people or even to a group of people other just by word of mouth as to inform them, socialize with them or influence them. Also, in my experiences, I could define media as a powerful tool that could either build or destroy belief, relationship, community and nation. The mere capability of communicating is already a double-edge sword that could do good or harm. What else would we expect on something like media?

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