My Media Memoir

The Media and It’s Powers

Media, in my twenty years of existence, developed it’s meaning to me as a platform which enables us to communicate with other people or even to a group of people other just by word of mouth as to inform them, socialize with them or influence them. Also, in my experiences, I could define media as a powerful tool that could either build or destroy belief, relationship, community and nation. The mere capability of communicating is already a double-edge sword that could do good or harm. What else would we expect on something like media?

As time pass by, more and more forms of media is emerging. I say “forms” as for example television shows, radio programs, newspaper and magazine articles and many more. There are number of ways and even faster ways now to influence others compared before. The earliest form of media that I have seen and have been familiarized with is obviously the newspapers and magazines. They were the biggest outlet for news and trends back when every household could not afford any television. Years passed and television took over but it did not wiped out the whole publishing business of on-paper articles. Tv became a huge success because it does not only deliver news, it also provides entertainment through different show! Speaking of entertainment and media, movies and film are one of the first thing that would come up in our mind because entertainers such as actor, comedians, singers and dancers where actually in this industry long before television programs are widely watched. All of the forms of media that I have mentioned were what I see and what I call “one way” media because they only tend to convey a message and that is it, but today, in our modern world, where everyone could share their opinion and people could react on it almost instantly. We are now bound to limitless communication powers that allows us to take our own opinions and stories all around the world and back to us with countless response which you could also deliver an answer and the cycle goes on and on!

In my media memoir, I will be tackling different forms of media in a chronological order, in which I may also show when I switch from one form to another as my life progress. The first portion would be my childhood days and the tv programs that I enjoyed watching and how they influenced me. In addition, I would also include my family’s frequently watch game shows and why we love to watch them so much. The next portion will be about film and movies. I will be sharing my experience in my first time in a movie theater. I will also be mentioning my favorite movies together with the reasons why they are on the top of my list. The last part will be all about videogames and how the Internet affects my decision making at present time since it is a big part of me now as I always surf the web, stay connected with my family and friends in social media, play multiplayer games online and watch my favorite Youtubers as they play videogames and live their life and hopefully, in the future, make a living out of it by blogging, livestreaming and uploading videos!

As a child, I am expected to watch mostly cartoons and animated shows which certainly what I did when I was a kid. Back in the day, we have two cable television, one in the living room and the other one in my parent’s room wherein I also sleep. That is reason that I have watched all Tom and Jerry episodes probably four to five times throughout my childhood. I do not know why I keep watching it even though I know what is about to happen and I know that Jerry would always escape Tom. Maybe because these type of shows are the only shows that I could comprehend at that time. Another cartoon series that I enjoyed watching which is definitely better than Tom and Jerry was Looney Tunes and Baby Looney Tunes! For me, they are just more hilarious because the characters have lines. Bugs Bunny always say puns and Daffy Duck always gives out his contagious laugh! Also, my favorite cartoon character is Marvin The Martian from Looney! I think he is so cool and his character is out of our world.

Some other cartoons that I have watched are Danny Phantom from Nickelodeon, Phineas and Ferb from Disney and Mr. Bean, The Animated Series also from Disney.

What really captivates me in these cartoons where the contraptions, gadgets and inventions that they make. In Tom and Jerry, it is safe to say that both of the main characters are smart enough to out play each other. It just so happens that Tom has a very bad luck and Jerry would always have a route out of trouble. I would consider Wile E. Coyote of Looney Toons also very intelligent. The last character that I would mention that is also brilliant is Mr. Bean. These cartoon characters made multiple contraptions that inspired as a kid!

When I am not watching tv in my free time when I was a little boy, I would always get different tools from our storage room and go to our small front yard. There I twist wires, pound nails into some small wood slab that I found elsewhere and then fasten everything with screws. I love to do this when I was just about four to seven years old. I would name my “inventions” and act as if it is working the way I wanted them to work. My parents and relatives would always laugh at me at the same time cheer at me. Sometimes they also act as if I made a really cool gadget and I was the happiest.

Other than cartoons and animated series, I like watching television with my family and often, we watch a lot of game shows and some reality shows.

Game shows broaden our knowledge about every random thing in the world just by watching shows where contestants are competitors in a quiz bee. We loved this type of game shows because my family, including myself are a bunch of “know it all”. One by one, we would answer or try to guess the answer and we would always laugh at each other whenever one of us did not get the right answer. Even though we laugh at each other, I like this type of bonding that we have whenever a game show is up on the tv. A few of the shows that we are fond of watching are “Who wants to be a millionaire?”, “Game kana ba?”, “Are you smarter than a Fifth Grader?”, “Family Feud”, “Cash Cab” and many more!

On the other hand, reality shows that emphasizes on the contestants talents and skills is another favorite in my family. Whether it is a physical test, singing competition of or even a gun shoot off, we loved seeing people showcasing their talent. These shows also inspired us in a way. We have learned that everyone has a talent and every can show what they’ve got! Some of the few reality shows that we really like were “American Ninja Warrior”, “Top Shot”, “Pilipinas Got Talent”, “The Voice” and many more.

Moving on to movies and film, I never really got into movies that much. I could count on my fingers how many times my parents brought me to the movie house. In addition, even though we have cable television in our home, our family is not really a movie fanatic but I could recall the first time my parents brought me in a movie theater.

I were just a kid back then. I do not remember why we ended up watching a movie at that time but I am glad that we did. As I child, I really wanted to watch movies in theaters because it is something that I still have not yet experience and I was really excited to enter the big hall with the big screen and foldable seats everywhere! The movie was a horror and comedy themed movie with main actors Vhong Navarro and Tony Gonzaga. The title of the film was D’ Anothers. At that time, I was not able to grasp the storyline but I was able to see the humor in the movie! I was laughing in every pun and every comedic act! I loved the movie and I am grateful to my parents that they brought me there and watch D’ Anothers.

Another favorite of mine is Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief which is about Greek gods and goddesses and their demigod children! I was fascinated by Greek mythology and the stories that revolved around it ever since then. I have watched the movie first time one summer break in highschool. After the summer break, I shared the movie with my classmates and one classmate of mine told me that the she wanted to see the movie too because she have read the book. I was shocked because I never knew that the movie was based on a book and it was actually a series of books! Five in total! That started my hobby of reading novels. I bought all five books plus an additional guide book and I have read them all before the next summer break.

Highschool was the phase of my life wherein movies trends was a thing to me. It was the time when online movies and downloadable movies were so popular. Most of the time, my friends and I will come over to our other classmate’s house or even to our house to watch movies.  I could say that my friends really are the one to blame in my slight addiction in movies. One proof was this March 18, Saturday, my friends wanted to watch Beauty and the Beast in the movie house and I accepted their invitation even though I had no money to buy tickets, I have an exam on Monday and I still have not yet finished my Media Memoir. It is just fun for me to watch movies with them and I always enjoy watching movies in the big screen because going out for movies is one of the things that I want to do but I do not do it often.

This portion of my project is all about the Internet. I was in fifth grade since I started using the Internet for my home works and projects. I mainly us it for schoolwork. I could imagine myself grabbing a chair then I would fire up our computer. I would open Internet Explorer and I am there, in front of Yahoo!’s home page. The next thing I know, I am typing into the search bar the field of knowledge that will unfold before me!

The Internet actually bores me at that point. To explain why, I think it was just a virtual library, nothing more. That was until it grew and branch out into different wonders! Nowadays, the Internet is now use to buy groceries, watch tv series and movies, read the news, find a lover, play videogames with other people across the globe and many more!

In my everyday life, I am always in the web. I check Facebook at least fifteen to twenty times a day while Instagram would probably be at ten to fifteen times in a normal day. I only check them to be updated with news and find to memes. In these social media sites, news are being outdated and updated in minutes or maybe even in seconds! It is just a pool of articles from different sources and you will never miss a single detail about the news! But this pool is also filled up to the brim with trolls and memes which does not really hurt because they are just too funny to pass on and too random that at most times it will just put a smile on your face.

Other than reading news articles and looking for hilarious posts, I also post my own stories and opinions sometimes. I do not do it often. I just do it whenever I just feel doing it. I do not post for people’s likes or reaction.

Though Facebook and Instagram is not the most time consuming social media site for me. It is actually Youtube. I have been an addict in the Youtube world. I spend hours and hours of watch time in the video sharing site. When I am at home, almost 90 percent of the time I am just staring at my iPad or at my phone watching a video. I would just stop watching when I have to eat or if there are some chores to be done. On the other hand, when I am in the university, I could only watch at my vacant time which serves me good most of the time. I will just wait for the weekends and I could freely watch every video that I wanted to watch!

My addiction started I think back at 2011 or 2012 when Ryan Higa, an Asian Youtuber who lives in Las Vegas, was the biggest Youtuber. I was just curious back then who was at the number one spot and because I know that they can monetize their videos and get paid thru placing advertisements in their videos. When I look it up, I saw Ryan and I started watching his videos. He post parody music videos, short sketches about the latest trends and many hilarious stuff. I really hate myself that I could not remember the first ever video from his channel that I have watched! The story continues until I made a Youtube account and subscribe to his channel called NigaHiga so that I could be updated to his latest post. The next big Youtube channel that I subscribed to is Smosh which is run by Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox. They are best friends who likes to film just funny videos and parodies like Ryan Higa. I was really amazed by the success that these people have at their age. They were probably at their early 20s at that time.

Back then, the people that I were subscribed to only uploading one video per week. That was until mid-2013 when I started watching gaming videos. This is the point where my hobby became an addiction!

Paul Suarez Jr. or PSJ was the name of the first ever Youtube gamer that I watched. Not like stars of Smosh and Nigahiga, Paul is definitely older than them. He posts tutorials about the game that I really wanted to try even until now which is Minecraft. His tutorial was actually a series with more than 70 episode! He keeps making more tutorials in the past because the game developers keeps introducing more and more Minecraft features and at the same time, fix errors or bugs. PSJ keeps his videos family friendly probably because he is a father which I found out after subscribing to him. I was a fan of him. I love his dad jokes and his humor just in general. He is one of the brave Youtuber that keeps their videos PG.

From Paul, I have discovered a lot more Youtubers in the Minecraft community that is now venturing in other games. At first I was really depressed when they divert to other games because I watch them mainly for Minecraft content but then I realized that I enjoyed watching them because I see that they love what they play. Now I watch almost every game that they play!

After five or six years on Youtube, I am now subscribed to more than 200 channels! I do not know why but I could say that I am proud these fact. I do not actually watch all of their videos but I still watch a handful of them. Today, I follow at most ten Youtubers wherein I watch every video they upload. They are mostly gamers and video bloggers, plus Smosh and Nigahiga.

If I were to think right know why I really like Youtube, it would be because of the content creators. I think viewers love the Youtubers that they support because they see the joy from the Youtubers. In addition, almost all of the creators that I have seen so far in Youtube are transparent. They always find ways to update their fans in their plans to further make the experience of watching the videos better. They also respond to comments from their audience. I really love the Youtube community for being genuine. I am really hoping to see the Youtubers that I watch and tell them how much joy they give me with every video that they make. As of now I could only watch their video and skip through the advertisements in their videos and not use Ad block. As a student I still do not have any source of income but in the future when I do, I will be sure to support them financially even though some Youtubers that I am subscribe to are younger than me and they are already making money out of just uploading videos.

The Youtubers that I follow influenced me so much that I started a blog recently. I was inspired by them and I wanted to be like them some day. I also wanted to upload gameplay videos of the videogames and just a little bit of vlog here and there. I thought of making a blog to start my career. I post my stories and experience. Soon I will monetize it. The money that I will get from my blog will be used for purchasing equipment for a brand new computer, microphone, camera, lighting and other tools that I need to start my channel. I would also like to livestream someday because my favorite content creators from Youtube also goes live in Twitch, a site where you could livestream videogames and chat with your community at the same time.

Media nowadays is everywhere. Everyone can use media to influence and I could say that people have influenced me in a good way. As powerful media is now, I know it will continue to build more platform for us to communicate.