For those who are stuck in time…

My trusty old wrist watch.

After living for almost twenty one years, it safe to say that I have been slacking on some important task and now it is trying bite me on my butt.

I know that in the past years I have been dodging numerous situations that requires important decisions. Choices are yet to be chosen and plans are still as vague as to what goes first in the bowl, the cereal or the milk? The decisions that should have been made in the past are haunting me now.

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For those who are tired and restless…

For those who are tired and restless, take a break

For those who are working late, take a moment to close your eyes and breathe

For those who are going for an all-nighter for their upcoming exam, take time to relax and absorb all those knowledge

For those who are working double-time to meet their deadline, take your time, keep in mind that quality is compromised by haste

Take a break and play your favorite song, listen to it, sing along with it and even dance with the beat. Grab a snack or two, have a good friend too in case you got more food than you can eat! It always feels nice to share you know!

In any case the best thing to do is to look back and remember to whom or what are you doing all of these for. Whether it is for your family, friends, yourself or even for someone you do not know, find the source of your power! From then on, look forward and seek what you are aiming for and make use all of your power to be what you desire. 🙂