The Mechanical Solution

When man relies too much on technology, maybe one day our devices will hit us on our backs and say, “Suck it! My chips and boards are overheating all the time and I’m not even an oven!”

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The Real Wonder Woman!

Since I have been a fan of Gal Gadot since that Batman v Superman movie last year and her movie this year(which is a blast, if could say so myself), I really idolize Wonder Woman. A fictional woman in comics and film. A character that is made up from the imagination of writers, directors and producer. Someone who is only seen in printed pictures and someone who only alive on screen. Today, family and friends, I will prove that wrong!

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My Media Memoir

The Media and It’s Powers

Media, in my twenty years of existence, developed it’s meaning to me as a platform which enables us to communicate with other people or even to a group of people other just by word of mouth as to inform them, socialize with them or influence them. Also, in my experiences, I could define media as a powerful tool that could either build or destroy belief, relationship, community and nation. The mere capability of communicating is already a double-edge sword that could do good or harm. What else would we expect on something like media?

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Welcome to my Blog!

This is a blog that serves as an outlet for me to share my knowledge, experiences and emotions! In short, my life’s story will be the main content  of this site but if there is something that you wanted me to post or write about, feel free to leave me a comment!

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